16 Must Try Food That Are Only Found At Pasar Malams

Night markets, or more affectionately known as pasar malams, are famous for a smorgasbord of creative local treats concocted by both young and experienced vendors in Singapore. Most heartlands occasionally organize their own little bazaars within the neighbourhood, but once in a while during festive occasions, there are bigger ones being held. Here are 16 irresistible food that you should look out for at these bustling albeit ephemeral markets.

#1 Rolled Ice Cream

You may have seen videos of this delicious Thai ice cream being circulated on various social media feeds before. Milk is first poured onto an iced grill and mixed together with fruits, chocolates and other toppings, before the ice cream hardens and is rolled into thin sheets to create the signature rolled look.

Highly Raved: Happy Rollies at Toa Payoh Central Night Market – try their new taco and watermelon rollies!

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#2 Beef Cubes with Mentaiko

Featuring flame-grilled beef cubes and seafood, visitors are simply raving over their perfectly seasoned grilled Australian premium rump with spicy cod roe mayonnaise sauce (aka mentaiko). Not exciting enough? You could also try the other in-house sauces: barbeque, black pepper, garlic chilli and the insanely flavourful sambal belacan.

Highly Raved: Mentaiko Beef Cubes by Beef Bro at Bayfront Event Space (MBS)

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#3 Duck Confit Burger

Think duck confit are only available at swanky restaurants? Think again! This popular French dish is now available at our local night markets for a fraction of the price and with mouth-watering culinary combinations: Duck Fat Cheese Fries, Duck Leg Confit Burger and Duck Wings.

Highly Raved: Duck Leg Confit Burger by The Ugly Duckling at Eunos Ramadan Bazaar. Shredded duck leg meat soaked in kicap manis glaze, pineapple, orange cheddar and wedged between two brioche buns will definitely keep you coming back for seconds.

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