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    Fun Facts and Trivia About Singapore Star Awards

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    star awards trivia

    Since its inception in 1994, the Star Awards has been an annual award ceremony broadcasted live on national television where fans get to watch their favourite Mediacorp artistes receive recognition for their outstanding performances over the year. Celebrating its 25th anniversary or Silver Jubilee this year, it is a programme not to be missed by […] More

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    Places With A Horror History That Could Be Haunted

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    Behind the hustle and bustle of a modern city, lie quieter places in Singapore that are thought to possess either an association to past tragic events or a naturally creepy atmosphere due to its abandonment. Here are places with a history that could be haunted and should be ventured with caution at night. More

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    “Critically Endangered” Food That Are Fast Disappearing In Singapore


    Foods That Are Slowly Disappearing In Singapore

    Now you see them, soon you might not. With the influx of competing food businesses from around the world and changing taste preferences, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find some of the uniquely local treats that strongly define Singapore’s food heritage. These are several “critically-endangered” foods that are gradually getting elusive in the country, […] More