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    6 Local Health and Beauty Brands You Probably Didn’t Know


    Local Health and Beauty Brands You Probably Didn't Know

    When it comes to health and beauty products, Singaporeans usually turn to imported goods from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. There are, however, several national brands that cater to the medical and cosmetic needs of locals. These homegrown brands produce items that are as high quality as their foreign counterparts, and are readily available online […] More

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    7 Local Talents Who Have Made It Big Internationally


    Local Talents Who Made It Big Internationally

    Singaporeans are quick to opine that we hardly have any local talent, curiously enough, we often think that it’s a rare find on our sunny island, especially when it has to do with the creative industry. The support we show by watching their films, going to their shows, or reading their books pales in comparison […] More

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    9 Species Of Birds That Appeared In Singapore’s Dollar Notes

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    Singapore Dollar Bird Series - Cover - Singapore Trivia

    Singapore’s avifauna diversity is more than just mynas, pigeons and sparrows. In fact, our island nation is home to 402 species of birds. The Monetary Authority of Singapore issued a series of currency notes featuring nine charismatic birds between 1976 and 1984. The birds were chosen to symbolize the strength, independence and adaptability of Singapore […] More