8 Notable Streets Named After Pioneers of Singapore

#4 Zubir Said Drive

This road pays homage to the man who wrote Singapore’s national anthem in 1958, Zubir Said. Also known as Mr ‘Mari Kita’, Zubir had no formal music education but composed at least 1,500 songs for Malay films and the music industry in Singapore. Even though he initially led a hard life doing jobs he did not fancy, he eventually pursued his passion for music and joined a travelling band. Not only did he performed at social events, he also entertained the Japanese soldiers during the war. His talent earned him numerous awards and recognition throughout his lifetime. Today, the School of the Arts can be located along this road.

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#5 Scotts Road

Stretching from Orchard Road to Newton Circus, Scotts Road is located in the busy downtown shopping district. It was named after Captain William Scott, Harbour Master and Post Master of Singapore. Captain Scott was in-charge of enforcing regulations and ensuring safety at the port, as well as managing mail distribution throughout the country. Besides his work contributions, Scott also owned the largest nutmeg plantation in Singapore and planted various types of tropical fruit trees and native plants, such as durians and betel nut, at his “Hurricane Cottage”. Scott was remembered as a benevolent and well-respected individual.

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#6 Coleman Street

This street was named after George Drumgoole Coleman, Singapore’s first architect. Not only did he oversee public works and manage convict labourers, Coleman was also the first to survey the island’s topography and create map references in 1829, with which he provided geographical advice to Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore. Coleman’s architectural legacy remains today, with his buildings Armenian Church and Caldwell House at CHIJMES still standing majestically in the vicinity of the street named after him.

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