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    8 Notable Streets Named After Pioneers of Singapore

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    singapore street named after pioneers

    From colonial rule, through the Second World War, to its establishment as a sovereign city-state, Singapore has seen an influx of immigrants from all over the world, some of whom have been vital to the country’s development. Of the roads that have been constructed, many were named after past land use, geological features, trees, and […] More

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    5 Reasons Why Changi Airport Is The Best In The World


    changi airport best in the world

    Singapore’s Changi Airport, in all its magnificence, has been voted by air travellers as Skytrax World’s Best Airport at the 2018 World Airport Awards for the sixth consecutive year. This acclamation does not come as a surprise with Changi’s wide range of innovative amenities and leisure facilities transcending its identity as an airport. Here are […] More

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    What To Look Forward To At The New Jewel Changi Airport

    A brand new retail paradise situated at Singapore’s Changi Airport will be opening its doors to the world in April 2019. With an agglomeration of shops, restaurants and cafés surrounded by lush indoor greenery, it will be an exciting experience not to be missed. Here are some of the best things to anticipate at Jewel Changi Airport. More