“Critically Endangered” Food That Are Fast Disappearing In Singapore

#4 Traditional Handmade Nonya Kueh

For the sweet toothed, the variety of traditional bite-sized kuehs in Singapore, such as Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Lapis and Ang Ku Kueh, is a substantial way to end every meal. Using natural ingredients including pandan and blue pea flower for colouring, and sweet potato, mung bean and brown sugar for flavouring, kuehs are popular among locals. While it is fairly easy to purchase them at retail outlets like Bengawan Solo, the prevalence of specialty handmade kuehs is dwindling.

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#5 Ice Cream Sandwich

If you visit Orchard Road, chances are that you will spot an umbrella cart stall or two selling ice-cream sandwiches. Sandwiched between wafers or a piece of rainbow bread, this inexpensive treat is perfect for a sultry day out. Originating from ice cream stalls in the 1960s, which used to sell Potong ice-cream on sticks, this dessert has now evolved to become one of Singapore’s favourites and must-tries. While there used to be more vendors scattered across the country in housing estates, such businesses are sadly becoming sporadic. Sometimes when you hope to see them, they no longer appear. The main reasons are because hawker licenses that allow such vendors to sell ice cream anywhere in Singapore are no longer issued today, and that this business trade is not popular among younger Singaporeans.

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#6 Putu Mayam

Originating from India, Putu Mayam is a traditional dessert consisting strings of steamed rice flour noodles that are eaten cold with grated coconut and gula melaka. The dish used to be commonly sold at market stalls and street carts all around Singapore, where the noodles are freshly made. Nowadays, Putu Mayam is mass-produced in Johor and exported to only a few eateries in Singapore, mostly those in Little India, and selected Kopitiam outlets.

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