“Critically Endangered” Food That Are Fast Disappearing In Singapore

#7 Old School Biscuits & Sweets

Retro crackers and snacks used to bring lots of joy to young Singaporeans. These include the iconic Gem Biscuits, Haw Flakes and Chicken Biskit. While they still can be found at several old-school shops, such as Biscuit King at Casuarina Road, these nolstagic bites are becoming a rarity as Singapore imports a variety of foreign equivalents.

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#8 Hakka Cuisine

Hakka is a minority dialect group in Singapore with a unique cuisine enjoyed by many local Chinese. From the signature Abascus Seeds made from yam, to the more traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo stuffed with pork and shrimp filling, the taste of these dishes promises to be tantalising and unforgettable. Few restaurants and eateries serve these nowadays, so try them out when you have the chance.

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#9 Teochew Porridge

Yet another dialect group in Singapore, the Teochew people are known for their plain and humble porridge, which consists of a bowl of seemingly tasteless but heartwarming rice porridge topped with sweet potatoes. The unsalted porridge is to be accompanied with other savoury side dishes to enhance its flavour.

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