Fun Facts About Singapore River You Probably Didn’t Know

#4 Thrill Ride

If you are walking along the Singapore River at Clarke Quay and suddenly hear hair-raising screams, chances are you may notice the GX-5 Xtreme Swing close by. This thrill ride was introduced in late 2007 and currently available only in Singapore and New Zealand. Thrill-seekers are strapped to a capsule before being lifted up at 90-degrees and flung downwards at a terrifying speed of 125 kilometre per hour! Definitely scarier than an amusement park Viking Ship and not for the faint-hearted.

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#5 Singapore River Festival

An annual week-long event held along the Singapore River since 2008, the Singapore River Festival is an avenue for performers and vendors to connect with the public while celebrating Singaporean brands, traditions and talents. The LAH or ‘Local at Heart’ Bazaar held during the event at Clarke Quay was the first ever cashless marketplace in Singapore, where shoppers pay for uniquely Singapore items and street food using their EZ-Link cards.

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#6 Freshwater Biodiversity

The Singapore River used to be a habitat for many large freshwater prawns and fishes, but since it became polluted pre-1970s, the number of species dwindled. After the clean-up of the river, the aquatic biodiversity increased from 18 families in 1986 to 47 families in 1992. It remains unknown whether this number has increased ever since the river was dammed at its outlet to the sea and became part of Marina Reservoir. These days, if you sit by the river, you may notice exotic species such as the Common Tilapia and African sharptooth catfish appearing.

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