Places With A Horror History That Could Be Haunted

Behind the hustle and bustle of a modern city, lie quieter places in Singapore that are thought to possess either an association to past tragic events or a naturally creepy atmosphere due to its abandonment. Here are places with a history that could be haunted and should be ventured with caution at night.

#1 Old Changi Hospital

Contrary to popular belief that it has been converted to the Raintr33 Hotel, the Old Changi Hospital still remains to this day. It was once a hospital for victims of the Japanese Occupation, during which many did not survive. It is said that the spirits still linger around in the abandoned building, which is situated just next to the hotel. Stay there at your own risk!

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#2 Bidadari Estate

The new housing estate sits on a former burial ground known as Bidadari Cemetery. While the graves of Christian, Muslim, Sinhalese, and Hindu communities have long been exhumed, the development of the residential area has resulted in the demise of many rare species of birds and animals, such as the Black-backed Kingfisher, Asian Palm Civet, Variable Squirrel, which could have been the “Bidadari” or “fairies” guarding over the once tranquil and serene green space.

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#3 Kent Ridge and Fort Canning Park

Both parks were designated fortresses to defend Singapore against the Japanese invasion in during World War 2. These places may be beautiful for a stroll in the day, but trust me, they are absolutely terrifying at night. It feels as if you may lose yourself mentally in the verdant woods. There has been a couple of fatalities in the nearby university campus, with the most recent being that of a student falling to her death.

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