Change Your Cup of Tea Whenever and Wherever (3/18)

The original classic bubble tea is similar to the Teh in Singapore – Red or black tea with condensed milk and complete with tapioca pearls. However, when bubble tea first conquered Singapore in 1992, there were already several varieties to choose from, such as Pearl Red Bubble Tea, Yam Shake, Whisky Red Tea, and Honey Egg Yolk from Bubble Tea Garden. Subsequently, these exotic flavours were phased out when customers became more tea-centric. Besides black tea, Matcha or green tea, Oolong tea, Tie Guan Yin, Earl Grey tea, and even Cheese Tea (essentially green or black tea topped with foamy milk and cream cheese) were introduced to the market. Should you fancy a more pronounced tea flavour, you can always adjust the sugar level to a healthier percentage.


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