Dragon’s Teeth Gate was a Hideout for Pirates at Keppel Harbour (3/7)

Also known as Batu Berlayar or Sailing Rock in Malay, the Dragon’s Teeth Gate refers to the pebbly sandstone (not granitic) outcrops that once stood at Keppel Harbour. It was previously a hideout for pirates, as well as a prominent landmark for Chinese navigators like Zheng He, to find his way around the waters off Singapore during his voyage in the 14th century. In 1349, the Chinese historian Wang Da Yuan called it the Long Ya Men or Dragon’s Teeth Gate owing to the shape of the rock. Subsequently, the British blew up the outcrop in mid-1848 to widen the channel for larger vessels to sail through to Keppel Harbour. Thankfully, a painting of the original landform existed and allowed for the reconstruction of this replica that currently stands at Labrador Park.

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