Little Guilin is more than a Pretty Cliff Face (1/7)

One of Singapore’s most massive landforms is ironically called Little Guilin, mainly because it is a smaller version of the expansive natural features in Guilin, southern China. Unlike the limestone karst and river gorge found in Guilin, Little Guilin is a flooded quarry situated off Bukit Batok MRT station made of gabbro, a type of igneous or volcanic rock. This grey-black rock is commonly used in concrete aggregates, as a road base material, for kitchen countertops, and even in graveyard headstones. The landform at Bukit Batok also consists of lighter grey streaks, attributed to granite dykes that have cut into the gabbro when the rocky outcrop was first formed. As beautiful as this place seems, it is said to be haunted by the spirits of those who died in quarry accidents or drowned in the lake.

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