7 Things You Didn’t Know About Singapore’s Natural Landscape Wonders

#7 Sembawang Hot Springs is The Lucky Place to Boil Eggs

In the north lies the only natural hot spring in Singapore, which was discovered in 1909 by a Chinese merchant named Seah Eng Keong. Sembawang Hot Springs used to lie in Seah’s pineapple plantation, and was often frequented by villagers who sought the mineral water for its healing properties. Subsequently, the hot springs were visited by the Japanese forces for recreational thermal baths during the Second World War, and gamblers in the 1960 for “good luck” baths before horse races. Although the exact source of the spring remains unknown, geologists believe that underground water might have come into contact with hot rock masses from Bukit Timah, raising the pressure of the water and causing it to percolate upwards through cracks and emerge as a spring. Today, visitors boil their eggs and even cook instant noodles at the springs. The Sembawang Hot Spring Park is currently under development and is expected to open in October 2019.

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