Things You Didn’t Know About Singapore’s MRT System

#7 Thomson-East Coast Line

Everyone is excited about the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line, not only because there will be a spanking new, aerodynamically-designed train to ride, the train service will also provide increased accessibility to commuters and connect them from the north to the east of Singapore. The new train, made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang in China, will also possess new features, such as tip-up seats, five doors on each side of a carriage, and a dynamic route map LED display.

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#8 The Coin Mat

At Bartley MRT, there is a bronze coloured wall of one-cent coins, which is an astounding art installation created by local painter Jane Lee in 2008. There are a total of 160,000 one-cent coins plastered on the 8.5m by 5m wall near the ticketing machines. Although such coins are no longer in use, their beauty continues to shine through this artwork.

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#9 Graciousness Mascots

There are a total of five mascots in the Thoughtful Bunch that were created by the Land Transport Authority to promote graciousness while riding Singapore’s MRT System. These fashionable, capsule-like characters include Give-Way Glenda, Move-in Martin, Stand-Up Stacey, Bag-Down Benny, and Hush Hush Hannah. They can be seen plastered on the walls at certain MRT stations as well as on the interior of trains, to remind commuters to be exhibit considerate behaviour when using the MRT.

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